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Oswald of Worcester

St Oswald (Died 29th Feb 992) was of Danish ancestry but brought up by his uncle Oda, a 10th Century Archbishop of Canterbury. Around 950, Oda sent him to a monastery in Fleury, France and in 959, he was ordained a Monk.

Stain Glass Window Image of St Oswald of Worcester

St Oswald returned to England in 959 and was consecrated Bishop of Worcester in 961 by St Dunstan. With the help of others including, St Dunstan and Æthelwold, he then proceeded to reorganise the clergy, eliminate abuse – “purifying the Church from secularism”, and build multiple monasteries including, the famous Ramsey Abbey.

In 972, St Oswald was appointed Archbishop of York, holding the position in addition to the role of Bishop of Worcester. It is said that St Oswald, “Constantly visited the monasteries he founded and was long remembered as the father of his people both as bishop and archbishop”. He is considered one of the great revivalists of English monasticism.

St Oswald died while washing the feet of the poor; it was his daily custom during Lent. His Feast Day is 29th February (Leap Years), the day of his death or 28th February (Ordinary Years).

St Oswald:

Pray for us that we will be forever humble of heart in our daily actions.

Glory be to the…