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Nicholas of Myra

St Nicholas (270 – 343) was born the only son to wealthy Christian parents in Patara, Turkey. Sadly, his parents died during an epidemic while he was still young so, he was raised by an uncle.

Image of St Nicholas

St Nicholas was very religious and rigorously observed every Wednesday and Friday as fast days. He was appointed a reader by the Bishop of Patara and later ordained a Presbyter.

St Nicholas performed numerous miracles during his lifetime, earning himself the name of wonder-worker. His most notable miracles were rescuing three children from their deaths and providing food at a time of severe famine.

St Nicholas had a reputation for giving gifts including, paying the dowry to secure marriage for a poor man’s three daughters and secretly putting coins in stranger’s shoes overnight thus, his connection to Santa Claus.

St Nicholas’s Feast Day is the 6th December. He is the Patron Saint of Greece and other causes including sailors, repentant sinners and the falsely accused.

St Nicholas of Myra:

Pray with us for the poor and marginalised, and help us to bring a little joy into their daily lives.

Glory be to the…