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Methodius I

St Methodius (Died 847) was born into a wealthy family at Syracuse, Sicily. He transferred to Constantinople in Turkey to continue his education, probably with the intention of entering the Courts. However, instead, he joined a monastery, became a Monk and in time, an Abbot.

Image of Methodius

In 815, St Methodius was sent to Rome as Patriarch Nicephorus’ representative; Patriarch Nicephorus had been exiled for refusing to destroy Sacred icons as decreed by the Emperor. He returned after the death of the iconoclast Leo the Armenian in 821 but only to be imprisoned for seven years. (Iconoclast: A person who believes in the destruction of all religious icons.)

In 842, St Methodius was appointed Patriarch of Constantinople where he presided at a Local Council which restored icon veneration and established an annual celebration of the triumph of Orthodoxy.

“The final years of the saint passed peacefully, he toiled much, wisely guided the Church and his flock, renovated temples ruined by the heretics, gathered up the relics of saints scattered about by the heretics, and transferred the relics of Patriarch Nicephorus from the place of his imprisonment back to Constantinople”. (www.oca.org)

St Methodius’ Feast Day is the 14th June. He is the author of the life of St Theopanes.

St Methodius:

Pray for us that we will persevere in our struggles to overcome all barriers that hinder our relationship with the Risen Jesus.

Glory be to the…