Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Mary, Mother of God (Feast)

Celebrated on the First Day of each New Year.

Mary holding the baby Jesus

“May God’s blessing remain with you and your family throughout the coming months, in all your joys and trials”. 

A Happy New Year to all Mothers and Families but especially, Mary our Mother in Heaven.

Celebrating the Feast of the Mother of Jesus on the first day of a new calendar year is our great tribute to Mary. For her intercession, on countless occasions, we thank her for seeking Jesus’ mercy and love when we were most in need.

Mary was born free from all stain of original sin to St Anne and St Joachim. They were childless and in their old age at the time of her conception.

Mary, Queen of Heaven:

Pray for us that our daily work will be the living Gospel of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Glory be…