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Mark and Marcellian

St Mark & St Marcellian (Died ca. 286) were twin brothers from a distinguished family in Rome. They were both Deacons and married with children.

St's Sebastian (Centre), Mark and Marcellian (Right)
St’s Sebastian (Centre), Mark and Marcellian (Right)

During the Diocletian period of Christian persecution, St Mark & St Marcellian were arrested and imprisoned for practising their faith. Despite pleas from their parents and family, St Mark and St Marcellian, with the guidance of St Sebastian (also imprisoned), refused to renounce their faith and offer sacrifice to the Roman gods. Indeed, St Sebastian converted their parents, the local prefect, other prison officials and many prisoners to Christianity as well as,  miraculously healing an official’s wife, Zoe.

Although one of the converted officials released all the prisoners, St Mark and St Marcellian were later rearrested and condemned to be hanged for a day upside down while nailed between two pillars. They were then pierced with lances.

Many of the remaining prisoners and officials were also captured and executed including Zoe, who was burnt alive.

The bodies of St Mark and St Marcellian were buried in the Via Ardeatina, near the cemetery of Domitilla. Their Feast Day is the 18th of June.

St Mark & St Marcellian:

Pray for us that we will listen to the Gospel of Jesus and joyfully share it with others.

Glory be to the Father…