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Marcian of Auxerre (Marian)

St Marcian was a native of Bourges in central France. He was born into a humble family and died in around the year 470.

Image of Abbey of St Germain

A fugitive from Bourges, when occupied by the Visigoths, he was accepted by St Mamertinus as a lay-brother into the Monastery of St Germanus at Auxerre.

St Marcian welcomed the menial and humble work asked of him, tending to the Abbey’s farm. He became known for his natural empathy with the farm livestock, wild birds and animals, as well as, his holiness and miracles while following the Abbey’s life of prayer and penance.

St Marcian’s Feast Day is April 20th.

St Marcian:

Pray for us that we will be humble in all our ways.

Glory be to the…