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Marcellinus & Peter

St Marcellinus (Died 304) was a Priest and St Peter (Died 304) a Holy man. They both suffered the same fate as many thousands of other Christians during the reign of Diocletian the Roman Emperor.

Statue of St Marcellinus

Initially, Diocletian allowed Christian worship to take place but from 302, perhaps influenced by others, he started an unrelenting programme of persecution. Firstly, all soldiers were instructed to renounce their faith and worship Roman gods then, church property and assets were confiscated and finally, every remaining Christian arrested.

The choice given to Christians was stark; either abandon their faith or face execution. It is said that Marcellinus and Peter were executed outside Rome in an area of rough ground so as to deny them a proper burial and prevent their Christian community from having access to their bodies. St Marcellinus and Peter happily assisted in preparing their burial spot as they prepared for their imminent martyrdom and eternal salvation.

The Feast of St Marcellinus and St Peter is the 2nd June.

St’s Marcellinus & Peter:

Pray for us that we will stand firm in our faith and all of God’s teachings.

Glory be to the…