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Macartan Of Clogher

St Macartan’s (454 – 506) original name was Aidus/Aedh, the son of Caerthen. He grew up in Munster, Ireland. Some suggest that he was an uncle to St Brigid.

Photograph of St Macartan's Cathedral, Clogher, Ireland
St Macartan’s Cathedral, Clogher.

St Macartan, having been told about St Patrick, went to hear him preach. He converted to Catholicism and was baptised. Soon he became one of St Patrick’s leading missionaries and referred to as his “champion” or “strong man”.

St Macartan was ordained a Priest, possibly by St Patrick. He assisted St Patrick and travelled with him on his many missionary journeys. It is said that he became the “staff of St Patrick” during his declining years.

St Macartan, having shared with St Patrick his desire to settle down and take charge of a Church, established a monastery in Rathmore, Clogher. St Patrick gave St Macartan his Staff and other precious relics thus establishing him as the first Bishop of Clogher.

St Macartan’s Feast Day is 24th March.

St Macartan:

Pray for us that we will be a faithful companion and supporter to our Priests and Religious in our community.

Glory be to the…