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Lucy of Syracuse

St Lucy (283 Approx – 304) was born in Syracuse, Italy. It is traditionally believed that she was born into a rich and noble family. Her father died when she was five years old.

Image of St Lucy of Syracuse

St Lucy, instead of opting for an arranged marriage, chose to consecrate herself to God and give her wealth to the poor. However, the Governor of Syracuse intervened and ordered her to offer sacrifice to the emperor’s image.

When St Lucy repeatedly refused, he ordered her execution. Prior to her martyrdom, her eyes were gouged out. She was around 20yrs old at the time.

St Lucy is one of only eight Saints mentioned by name in the Holy Mass Liturgy.

St Lucy’s Feast Day is the 13th December. She is Patron Saint of Sicily and the Blind.

St Lucy:

Through your intercession, Virgin and Martyr, grant us improved vision, so that we may serve the Risen Jesus tirelessly, for the remaining days of our life. (Extract from prayer to St Lucy)

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