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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer

St Josemaría Escrivá (1902 – 1975) was born in Barbastro, Spain, on January 9. He was ordained to the Priesthood on March 28, 1925. in Saragossa.

Photograph of St Josemaria saying Mass

On October 2, 1928, by divine inspiration, he founded Opus Dei. On June 26, 1975, he died unexpectedly in Rome in the room where he worked, after a last affectionate glance at a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Since then Opus Dei has spread to the five continents with members of over 80 nationalities serving the Church with the same spirit of complete union with the Pope and the Bishops which characterised St Josemaría Escrivá.

His Holiness Pope John Paul II canonised the founder of Opus Dei in Rome on October 6, 2002. The body of St Josemaría Escrivá rests in the Prelatic Church of Our Lady of Peace in Rome. (Author Unknown)

St Josemaría Escrivá’s Feast Day is the 26th of June. He is the Patron Saint of Opus Dei.

St Josemaría Escrivá:

Pray for us that we will become worthy of the promises of Jesus Christ.

Glory be to the Father…