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Josaphat Kuntsevych

St Josaphat (1580-1623) was born into a noble Christian family at Volodymyr in Ukraine. His father was a businessman and town councillor.

In his youth, St Josaphat was apprenticed to a local merchant who, recognising his virtues, offered him his entire fortune and his daughter’s hand in marriage. St Josaphat refused and instead, in his early 20’s, joined a monastery and was later ordained a Jesuit Priest.

Image of St Josaphat of Ruthenia

St Josaphat was renowned for his holiness and prayer life; attracting crowds even in his early years as a novice. As a priest, he fasted regularly, slept on the floor, wore a hair shirt which caused constant pain, and performed many other extreme austerities.

St Josaphat was appointed Prior of various monasteries and consecrated a Bishop. His greatest challenge as a Bishop was convincing the clergy and the community to accept complete union with Rome and the Pope. In the turmoil that followed, a mob attacked his residence and he was murdered. Numerous miracles, attributed to his intercession, occurred after his death.

St Josaphat’s Feast Day is the 12th November. He is the Patron Saint of Ukraine.

St Josaphat Kuntsevych:

Pray for us that we will seek and follow the path to eternal life chosen for us by God.

Glory be to the…