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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

John Plessington

St John Plessington (1637 ca -1679) was born into a Royal family at Dimples, Lancashire, England. He was educated by the Jesuits at Scarisbrick Hall, then Valladolid in Spain and also at St Omer’s Monastery, France. He was ordained a Priest at Segovia, Spain in 1662.

Image of St John Plessington

Despite the purge against Catholics in England, St John returned to the areas of Holywell and Cheshire in 1663 where he ministered to Catholic converts and tutored at Puddington Old Hall, Cheshire. Often he changed his name as well as his clothing, to avoid being recognised as a Catholic Priest.

In 1678 a fictitious conspiracy, known as the Popish Plot, was falsely alleged by Titus Oates. It claimed that there was an extensive Catholic plan to assassinate the King, Charles II. This led to anti-Catholic hysteria and the execution of at least 22 men; St John Plessington was among them. Following his arrest, he was imprisoned for two months, tortured and then hung, drawn and quartered for the “crime” of being a Catholic Priest.

St John was canonised a Saint in 1970 by Pope Pius VI. He is one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales. His Feast Day is the 19th July.

St John Plessington:

Pray for us that we will, “love one another as Jesus loves us” regardless of their culture or faith. 

Glory be to the…