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John of Vercelli

Bl. John (1205 Approx. – 1283) was born in Mosso Santa Maria, Italy. He studied in Paris, Pavia and Vercelli. He joined the Dominicans in 1240 and was progressively appointed to higher roles within his Order; firstly, Prior of Bologna Monastery, then Prior Provincial and finally Master General.

Portrait image of John Vercelli

Bl. John was a tireless worker for his friars, typically walking great distances between houses to visit them. In addition, he ably assisted the Vatican in an attempt to unify the Eastern and Western Churches and spread solemn devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus. Blessed John declined the appointment of Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Bl. John died on 30th November 1283. His Remembrance Day is 1st December.

Bl. John of Vercelli:

Pray that we will find peace in our hearts through our daily prayers to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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