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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

John Fiesole – Giovanni da Fiesole

Blessed John (1395-1455) was born in Rupecanina, Italy.

Portrait image of John Fiesole

The first written record of Blessed John is when he was 22yrs old. At the time, he was described as a painter. It was probably a few years later that he became a Dominican Friar.

Blessed John is well known for numerous religious works of art in multiple Churches and centres. Although many of his paintings have not survived the passing of time, others still remain intact. The depth and uniqueness of his work reflect his own, very religious yet humble nature. His legacy continues to bring peace, meaning and understanding to all who search for the truth.

Blessed John’s Feast Day is the 18th of February.

Blessed John Fiesole:

Pray that we will give generously of our time reflecting and giving thanks to the Risen Jesus.

Glory be to the Father…