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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Jeanne Delanoue (Joan of the Cross)

St Jeanne (1666 – 1736) was born the youngest of twelve children in Saumur, France. Her father was a draper and her mother ran a shop selling religious objects to pilgrims on their way to a local Blessed Virgin Mary Shrine.

Image of St Jeanne Delanoue

At 25, St Jeanne took over the running of her mother’s business, until one day, a pilgrim predicted she would spend her life caring for the poor. At that time, St Joan was religious but perhaps, business and money were her greater attraction!

St Jeanne reflected on her life, closed her business and started to care for orphans and the poor. Soon others joined her and the Congregation of St Anne of Providence was formed. The Order continues to serve the poor and needy in France and elsewhere today.

St Jeanne’s Feast Day is the 17th August.

St Jeanne Delanoue:

Pray for us that we will seek and help the poor and marginalised in our communities.

Glory be to the…