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James Oldo (Blessed)

Blessed James Oldo (1364-1404) was born into a wealthy family at Lodi, Italy. His father died when he was young leaving him with great wealth which he enjoyed to the full. He married and had three children.

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In later life, the death of a close friend reminded him of his own mortality and he began to change his ways. When two of his three daughters died from the plague, the reality was even more striking and he devoted the remainder of his time to penance and prayer.

Blessed James’ mother and wife resisted his change but, when his mother had a vision of her own judgement day, all three became secular Franciscans. They turned their sumptuous home into a Centre for Prayer and a home for the local sick and prisoners. In 1397, after his wife died, he became a Priest, serving his community in a wider capacity and drawing, even more people into the Church.

Blessed James’ Feast Day is 18th April, the day of his death. When his body was reburied 7yrs later, it was said to be incorrupt.

Blessed James:

Pray for us that we will find the straight path to heaven and remain loyal to Jesus Christ’s teachings throughout our life.

Glory be to the…