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James of the Marches

St James (1391 Approx. – 1476) was born into a poor family in Monteprandone, Italy. He studied under the guidance of his uncle, a Priest. He attended the University of Perugia and obtained a degree in Canon and Civil Law.

St James of the Marches

Following a short interim period as tutor and judge, St James joined the Franciscans; living under the strict rule of St Bernardine. He often voluntarily fasted for nine months of the year, surviving on water and minimal food to the probable long-term detriment of his health; even St Bernardine advised him to moderate his penances.

In 1420, St James was ordained a Priest and for the next half-century, He, “Laboured in the vineyards of the Lord”; performing numerous miracles, converting many souls to Christianity and spreading devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus.

St James was happy to challenge those who contradicted the Christian faith, regardless of their status. He was offered the role of Bishop of Naples but resisted. Following his death, he was buried in Naples. In 2001, having decided to transfer his body to his hometown, it was found to be incorrupt. His body is now on permanent public display in Monteparndone.

St James’ Feast Day is the 28th of November. He is Patron Saint of Monteparndone and co-Patron Saint of Naples.

St James of the Marches:

Pray that we will find the strength to live by Jesus’ teachings and reap the rewards of eternal life with the Angels and Saints.  

Glory be to the…