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Jacopone da Todi

Jacopo die Benedetti (1230 Approx. – 1306) was born into a noble family in Todi, Italy. He was a bright student; studying law at Bologna and becoming a successful lawyer. He married a pious noblewoman when he was in his 20’s. In contrast to his wife, he was said to be a “worldly and greedy man.” Unknown to him, his wife wore a painful hair-shirt in atonement for his sins. However, while attending a public tournament, the stand in which she was sitting gave way and she was killed.

Statue of Jacopone da Todi

Blessed Jacopo, shocked when he discovered that she wore the hair-shirt, gave up his job, distributed his possessions among the poor and joined the Order of St Francis.

Blessed Jacopo endearingly became known as Jacopone (Crazy Man) because of his sometimes theatrical public behaviour. He challenged the Church, believing that parts were corrupt and uninterested in the poor. He composed many beautiful poems and several Laude (songs of praise to the Lord). He was one of the first people to dramatise the Gospel. He is considered Blessed among the Franciscans.

Blessed Jacopo is highly regarded within the Franciscan Order. The day of his death was the 25th December.

Bl. Jacopone da Todi:

Pray for us that we will remember and lovingly help those who care for us each and every day of our life.

Glory be to the…