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Hugh of Grenoble (or Châteauneuf)

St Hugh (1053 – 1132) was born at Chateauneuf-sur-Isere, France. Described as a devoutly religious man in his youth, it is perhaps no surprise that, while still a layperson, he was appointed Canon of Valence.

Image of St Hugh in Benedictine Monastery
St Hugh (Right)

At the synod of Avignon 1080, St Hugh was elected Bishop of Grenoble, aged just 27yrs. His diocesan work proved to be a great challenge; conflict abounded as old adversaries continued historical infighting.

At one point, St Hugh, hoping for a less public and turbulent life, resigned his position and entered a Benedictine monastery at Cluny Abbey. Pope Gregory VII requested his immediate return, to which he obediently responded and continued his role as Bishop, achieving significant long-term reform and success in the region.

St Hugh served as Bishop for 52 years, called to heaven on 1st April 1132. He was canonised just two years after his death by Pope Innocent II.

St Hugh’s Feast Day is 1st April. He is Patron Saint of headaches and Grenoble, France.

St Hugh:

Pray for us that we will persevere despite the challenges placed before us.

Glory be to the…