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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor (Henry the Exuberant)

St Henry (972 – 1024) was the great-grandson of German King Henry I. He was educated in Church establishments but often in exile due to dynasty rebellions.

Image of St Henry II

He reigned as Holy Roman Emperor between 1014-1024. In 1002, he was appointed King of Germany and in 1004, King of Italy.

During his reign, St Henry increased control over church affairs and promoted monastic reform. His canonization as a Saint was based on his personal holiness and support for the Church. St Henry was an Oblate of the Benedictine Order (Dedicated to God and his Service).

His Feast Day is the 13th July, the day of his death. He is the Patron Saint of Benedictine Oblates.

St Henry II:

Pray for us that we will live a life of holiness and inherit eternal happiness among the angels and saints. 

Glory be to the…