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Gwynllyw Milwr

St Gwynllyw Milwr or Gwynllyw Farfog (ca. 450 – 500), was the eldest son of King Glywys who ruled the Kingdon of Glywysing centred on Glamorgan, Wales. When his father died, St Gwynllyw inherited his share of the kingdom with his brothers and he was made overlord of all.

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As a King, Gwynllyw is said to have been “an active and merciless warrior who attacked and raided nearby kingdoms“. St Gwynllyw married the beautiful daughter of a local king but only after first planning her abduction and participating in a pitched family battle did he reach a mutual agreement with her father.

St Gwynllyw had a son, St Cadoc the Wise, who grew up a deeply religious man. It was probably through St Cadoc’s example that his father abandoned a life of violence, sought forgiveness and became a hermit living a life of prayer, fasting and eating a diet devoid of all meats.

St Gwynllyw built a hermitage on Stow Hill, Newport where today St Woolos Cathedral stands. Many miracles are said to have happened in his name; the miracles often associated with a miraculous fountain on Stow Hill.

St Gwynllyw Milwr’s Feast Day is 29th March. He is the Patron Saint of the City of Newport and soldiers.

St Gwynllyw Milwr:

Pray for us that we will recognise our failings and seek forgiveness from our merciful Father in Heaven.

Glory be to the…