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Gregory the Great (Pope)

Pope St Gregory (540 ca – 604) was born into a wealthy family in Rome. His father was Senator and Prefect of the City of Rome. He lived his youth at a time of great turmoil including famine, rioting and panic, resulting from the plague which wiped out one-third of the population in parts of the City. He was well educated and excelled in his extensive studies. He became a government official and quickly progressed to Prefect, the highest civic office rank.

Image of St Gregory the Great

After his father’s death, Pope St Gregory converted his home to a monastery, dedicating it to St Andrew, and he became a Priest.

St Gregory planned a monastic retirement and when he was unexpectedly appointed Pope, he is said to have, “Bemoaned the burden of office and mourned the loss of the undisturbed life of prayer that he had once enjoyed as a monk”.

As Pope, St Gregory re-energised missionary work across Europe, revised Church liturgy and, among many other achievements, established the Gregorian chant. He was known as, “The Father of Christian Worship,” because of his liturgy revisions.

Pope St Gregory’s Feast Day is the 3rd September. He is a Doctor of the Church and Patron Saint of musicians, singers, students and teachers.

Pope St Gregory:

Pray for us that we will give freely of our time to spread the Gospel and help others to answer Jesus’ call.

Glory be to the…