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Gildas The Wise

St Gildas (ca 500-570) was born into Royalty in Scotland on the banks of the Clyde. He had four brothers, three of which became monks and the fourth, acceded to his father’s throne. He received a monastic education and, like his three brothers, chose to forsake his royal heritage for a religious life.

Image of statue of St Gildas

After his studies, St Gildas went to Ireland and was ordained a Priest. He became a greatly respected teacher in both Ireland and Britain, converting many to Christianity and establishing numerous Churches and Monasteries. He was renowned for his Biblical knowledge and literacy style, which earned him the name, ‘Gildas the Wise’.

On a return journey from Rome, St Gildas settled on the Isle of Houat, off Brittany, where he lived a solitary and austere life. He died at Rhuys in Brittany where he had established an Abbey.

St Gildas’ Feast Day is 29th January, the day of his death. He is Patron Saint of Welsh historians and bell founders.

St Gildas:

Pray for us that we will become worthy to enter into the joys of eternal life.

Glory be to the…