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Gilbert of Sempringham

St Gilbert (1083-1190) was born in Sempringham, England. He studied Theology in Paris and on his return home opened a mixed gender school.

Image of St Gilbert of Sempringham

After his ordination, he founded the mixed Order of Gilbertine’s.

St Gilbert’s father, Lord of the Manor of Sempringham, died in 1130 and St Gilbert used his inherited wealth to expand the Order; at one point to 26 convents, monasteries and missions.

St Gilbert was imprisoned in 1165 for allegedly aiding St Thomas Beckett but was later found innocent. He resigned his office at 90yrs due to blindness. He died at the age of 106yrs.

St Gilbert’s Feast Day is the 4th February.

St Gilbert:

Pray for us that we will become worthy of the promises of the Risen Jesus.

Glory be to the Father…