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Francisco Garcés & Companions

St Francisco Garces (1738 -1781) was born in Morata de Jalon, Spain. He joined the Franciscan Order and was ordained a Priest in 1763.

Image on Mexican hillside in remembrance of Francisco Garces & Companions.

When the Jesuits were expelled from New Spain (Mexico) by the King of Spain, St Francisco was among the Franciscans who replaced them.

In his new role, he became a true disciple of Jesus as he travelled the lands, meeting the many diverse cultures, setting up new missions and evangelising the people.

However, during a local civil revolt in 1781, St Francisco Garces and his fellow friars were killed on the 18th July. They are all martyrs of the Church.

St Francisco Garcés & Companions:

Pray for us that we will embrace all people regardless of their culture or differences.

Glory be to the…