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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Francis Anthony Fasani

St Francis (1681-1742) was born in Lucera, Italy. He was educated locally and studied in the Town Friary where he professed his religious vows. Following further Theological Studies at Assisi, he was ordained a Priest in 1705 and remained there for another two years. He later received a Doctor of Theology.

St Francis Anthony Fasani

St Francis returned to his hometown to minister, spending the remainder of his entire life serving his Order as a teacher of Philosophy and Master of Novices, while at the same time, performing extensive pastoral duties within his local community.

St Francis lived a life of deep prayer and devotion to the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation. He was considered a mystic and became a very popular and sought after confessor and preacher. Despite his many work commitments, St Francis was a steadfast friend of the poor and marginalised; routinely seeking funds to support their needs.

St Francis’ Feast Day is the 29th November. He is Patron Saint of Lucera.

St Francis Anthony Fasani:

Pray that we will earnestly live by Jesus’s teachings and give generously to the poor and marginalised.

Glory be to the…