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Finnian of Clonard

St Finnian (470 – 549) was an early Irish monastic Saint. He was born into a noble family in Myshall, Co Carlow, Ireland.

Statue of St Finnian of Clonard

Following his early studies, St Finnian travelled to Britain and then France where he stayed at the renowned, St Martin de Tours Monastery. From there he went to Wales and spent 30 more years continuing his studies while living a simple monastic life of austerity and prayer.

In mid-life, St Finnian returned to his native Ireland and established many churches and monasteries, perhaps the most noted being Clonard Abbey in County Meath. He became renowned for his teaching and holiness, attracting laymen, clerics, abbots and bishops from across Europe. It is said, that at one time he was teaching no fewer than 3000 students, many of them later travelling the world to set up new churches and monasteries.

St Finnian died from the plague and is buried at Clonard in County Meath.

St Finnian of Clonard:

Pray for us that we will fervently teach the Gospel of Jesus to our family and community.

Glory be to the…