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Fidelis Of Sigmaringen

St Fidelis (1577-1622) was born in Sigmaringen, Germany. He was highly academic and studied law and philosophy at the University of Freiburg. After obtaining a Doctorate, he lectured at the University.

Image of St Fidelis

At 27, and known for his “modesty, meekness and chastity”, St Fidelis travelled Europe for the next six years. Whilst doing so, his religious faith and practice were not forgotten; he used every opportunity to help the poor and visit the hospitals and churches of the towns he passed through.

When he returned home, he practised law, representing the ‘poor’ but, unhappy with the ‘evils of his profession’, he studied for the priesthood with the Capuchin Order. Following his ordination, his preaching led to the conversion of many, which at the time, angered those aligned to other religions. St Fidelis knew that if he continued his preaching and conversion he was likely to be executed. He chose to continue and, with the help of appointed companions, his conversions excelled.

Although he avoided martyrdom on a prior occasion, he was eventually trapped by a group of soldiers and, refusing to renounce his Christian faith, he was martyred.

St Fidelis’ Feast Day is 24th April, the day of his execution and martyrdom.

St Fidelis:

Pray that we will have the strength to live life as Jesus asked, despite our challenges.

Glory be to the…