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Emmanuel Ruiz

Sketch showing Christian Refugees during 1860 strife

Blessed Emmanuel and seven other Friars (Died 1860) were martyred for their Christian faith in Lebanon. Blessed Emanuel was the group Superior; the other seven included his Procurator, Assistant Procurator and two Lay Brothers.

In reality, they were among thousands of other Maronites who were massacred by the Druze at the time. The Maronites had agreed with Turkish authorities to disarm and avoid fighting but once disarmed, they broke the agreement, villages were destroyed and a rampage of murder began. An estimated six thousand people were massacred in less than three weeks.

Bl. Emmanuel’s Feast Day is the 10th July.

Bl. Emmanuel Ruiz:

Pray for our understanding that beyond earth’s sorrows, heaven’s joy awaits those who listen to Jesus’ Gospel.

Glory be to the…