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Edward The Confessor

St Edward (1003 -1066) was born the seventh son of King Æthelred the Unready at Islip in Oxfordshire. He was the first son of the King’s second wife and had a full brother and sister.

Stain Glass Window Image of St Edward the Confessor

St Edward spent much of his childhood and youth in exile, probably in Normandy, to avoid the many Viking raids and invasions of the time. In 1042, he was enthroned King of the English and reigned until his death in 1066; a period of twenty-four years.

St Edward’s reign was generally peaceful but not without difficulties. He created a strong monarchy, abolished many taxes and avoided major conflict through dialogue.

St Edward’s legacy included the rewards of careful appointments of Bishops and Archbishops as well as the building of Westminster Abbey, where he is buried.

St Edward is the only English King to have been canonised a Saint. His Feast Day is the 13th of October.

St Edward The Confessor:

Pray that we will use dialogue and reasoning to reconcile and overcome all conflict.

Glory be to the…