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Cyril Of Jerusalem

St Cyril’s birthplace is thought to have been either Caesarea of Palestine or possibly Jerusalem. He was born into a Christian family, became a Deacon around the age of 22 and Priest eight years later.

Image of St Cyril of Jerusalem

In 350, St Cyril was appointed Bishop of Jerusalem.

St Cyril is remembered for his theological writings and charitable works throughout the city. During a time of severe food shortage in Jerusalem, he sold church valuables in order to buy food for his community. For doing so, he was exiled but finally allowed to return and spend his remaining days in Jerusalem.

St Cyril’s view on the nature of sin was that “It is the consequence of freedom, not a natural condition. The body is not the cause, but the instrument of sin. The remedy for it is repentance”. Jesus, he pointed out, not only went willingly to his crucifixion but throughout his passion, “He forgave all who betrayed Him and engaged in his execution”.

St Cyril was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Leo XIII. His Feast Day is 18th March.

St Cyril:

Pray for us that in our daily words and actions we will avoid sin and remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Glory be to the…