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Prayer is Love, I want to Love


St Cyprian (200 ca – 258) was born in North Africa, possibly Cartage. He received a good education in classics and became a legal advocate.

Image of St Cyprian

In his late mid-age, he converted to Christianity, was ordained a Deacon and then Presbyter. In 249 he was appointed Bishop of Carthage.

During the Decian persecution of Christians, St Cyprian at first went into hiding but soon returned to his community and successfully reconciled divergent Church factions. When a new phase of persecution against Christians began in 256, St Cyprian was initially, exiled but then imprisoned for refusing to renounce his faith and offer sacrifice to Roman gods.

On 14th September 258, St Cyprian was then tried and sentenced to death. He was taken to an open place outside Carthage, followed by a large crowd of his faithful, and beheaded.

St Cyprian:

Pray that we will forever hold firmly to our faith and be a help to our family and friends in times of challenge.

Glory be to the…