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Cosmos & Damian

Saints Cosmos and Damian (Died 287) were twin brothers, born in Cilicia, Turkey. They were physicians with their working practice in the seaport of Avas, Syria.

Image of St Cosmos & St Damian

St’s Cosmos and Damian gave their services for free and in the process, attracted many souls to the then growing number of Christian converts through their daily work and pious life.

During the period of Christian persecution by Diocletian, St’s Cosmos and Damian were arrested and tortured, “Enduring being hung on a cross, stoned and shot at with arrows”. Refusing to relinquish their faith, they were finally beheaded.

St’s Cosmos and Damian’s three younger brothers were also arrested. They likewise refused to deny their faith and were also martyred.

St’s Cosmos and Damian’s Feast Day is the 26th September. They are the Patron Saints of Physicians.

St’s Cosmos & Damian:

Pray for us that others will see the teachings of Jesus in our daily actions.

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