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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Contardo Ferrini

Blessed Contardo Ferrini (1859 – 1902) was born in Milan, Italy. He was taught by his Professor father and excelled in his studies including, fluency in multiple languages.

Image of Contardo Ferrini

Blessed Contardo was nicknamed “Saint Aloysius” in his youth because of his commitment to the Catholic faith and the Holy Sacraments.

Blessed Contardo entered Pavia University at 17 and by 21, was awarded a Doctorate in Law. At 26, he received his first Professorship.

Despite his academic success, Blessed Contardo’s great love remained his religion and although many expected him to become a Priest, instead, he joined the Orders of St Francis and St Vincent de Paul as an unmarried layperson, devoting his life to the poor and prayer.

Blessed Contardo died unexpectedly from typhus at the age of 43. He is the Patron Saint of Universities and Professors. His Feast Day is the 26th October.

Bl. Contardo Ferrini:

Pray that we will use the talents we received from God for the sharing of his Son’s teachings. 

Glory be to the…