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Conrad of Piacenza

St Conrad (1290-1351) was born into a prominent noble family in Piacenza, Italy.

Image of St Conrad of Piacenza

One day, while hunting on his large family estate, he set fire to some shrub to disturb game. The fire got out of control and destroyed a large area of vegetation. A local peasant, who was nearby at the time, got the blame for causing the fire and he was condemned to be executed.

On the day of the peasant’s execution St Conrad, overcome with remorse, confessed to his guilt. The peasant’s life was saved but Conrad, as a punishment, had all his earthly possessions taken from him.

St Conrad and his wife then joined separate religious communities and devoted their remaining years to God. St Conrad joined the Franciscans and his wife the Poor Clares.

While Conrad yearned for a quiet life of prayer, it didn’t always materialise. He became known throughout the community for his holiness and numerous well-documented miracles, and wherever he went people followed.

St Conrad of Piacenza’s Feast Day is 19th February.

St Conrad of Piacenza:

Pray for us that we will be honest in our daily words and actions, and encourage others to do the same. 

Glory be to the Father…