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Charles Lwanga & Companions

St Charles (St Charles 1860 or ’65 -1886) was born in southern Uganda, Africa. He was executed along with other Christian co-workers under the direction of King Mwanga II.

Image of St Charles & Companions

In 1886, the King believed that his power was under threat from foreign colonists so he ordered the execution of Catholic and Anglican converts. Many of those executed worked in his palace including Charles who was a Page (servant). The King questioned a large number of his servants and those who refused to renounce Christianity, including St Charles, were sentenced to be executed at a “traditional execution spot”. On their death march, two were executed during the journey, one was speared to death and a further 12 Catholics and 9 Anglicans burnt alive.

The Feast of St Charles and his Companions is the 3rd June.

St Charles & Companions:

Pray for us that we will live by God’s teachings and carry the burden He asks of us.

Glory be to the…