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Charbel Makhlouf or Sharbel Maklouf

St Charbel Makhlouf (1828 – 1898) was born into a pious family, one of five children, at Bekaa Kafra, Lebanon. His father died when he was 2 years old. His mother later remarried a man who became the Parish Priest of the village.

Image of St Charbel Makhluf

As a young boy, St Charbel’s duties included herding the family’s small flock. At the same time, he would often take the flock to a nearby self-made grotto, where he had installed an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and spend his day in prayer.

In 1851, St Charbel joined a monastery of the Lebanese Maronite Order. He took his final vows as a monk in 1853 and, having continued his studies at the monastery, was ordained a Priest in 1859.

In 1875, St Charbel was granted permission by his Abbot to live as a hermit in a monastery Chapel. He remained in the chapel, as a solitary hermit, for 23 years, until his death. Numerous well-documented and high profile miracles were reported at the time of his death. His body remained incorrupt until the 1960’s.

The Feast of St Charbel is the 24th July.

St Charbel Makhlouf:

Pray that we will receive the grace of a good life entwined in prayer and a happy death. 

Glory be to the…