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Cesar de Bus

Blessed Cesar de Bus (1544-1607) was born at Cavaillon, France. At 18, he joined the army and took part in the war against the Huguenots. He then joined the navy but, due to serious illness and unable to carry out his naval duties, he returned home.

Image of Cesar de Bus

Although described as leading a pious and virtuous life, Blessed Cesar personally regretted his next few years of wandering! However, he ultimately resumed his teenage studies and, at 38, was ordained a Priest.

Blessed Cesar spent the remainder of his life preaching and teaching and in the process, formed two new Orders, the Priests of Christian Doctrine and the Daughters of Christian Doctrine, both focused solely on spreading the Gospel of Jesus.

Blessed Cesar’s Feast Day is 15th April.

Bl. Cesar:

Pray for us that we will remain on the right path and live a virtuous life.

Glory be to the…