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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Catherine de Ricci

St Catherine (1522 – 1589) was born into a Patrician family (Special constitutional status) in Florence, Italy. Her mother died soon afterwards.

Image of St Catherine de Ricci

At 6/7yrs, St Catherine was enrolled in a school run by Benedictine nuns and from an early age, she developed a lifelong and deep devotion to Christ’s Passion. St Catherine then joined an enclosed community of the Sisters of St Dominic, becoming a nun and by the age of 30yrs, a Prioress.

St Catherine’s advice was greatly respected and sought by many including, Priests, Bishops and Cardinals. She bore the Stigmata (- the appearance of Christ’s wounds on her body) and while in meditation she was observed to bleed as if being scourged.

St Catherine’s patronages include the sick. Her Feast Day is 13th February.

St Catherine:

Pray for us that our daily work will be the living Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Glory be to the…