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Boniface of Lausanne

St Boniface (1183 – 1260) was born in Brussels, Belgium and educated by the Cistercian Nuns.

Stain Glass Window Image of St Boniface

A noted student, he studied in Paris and between 1222 – 1231 he taught dogma firstly, in Paris and then in Cologne Universities.

In 1231, St Boniface was appointed Bishop of Lausanne in Switzerland and attended the First Council of Lyon. He served as Bishop until 1239 when he resigned following an assault brought about by his public denunciation of Emperor Fredrick II and local clergy for their corruption. St Boniface retired to the Cistercian Abbey in La Cambre where he served as Chaplain and where his relics are retained today.

St Boniface was canonised by Pope Clement XI in 1702. His Feast Day is 19th February.

St Boniface:

Pray for us that we will hold firmly to the teachings of Jesus and teach others of his true love and mercy.

Glory be to the…