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Bernardino Realino

St Bernardino Realino (1530-1616) was born into a noble family at Carpi in Northern Italy. Following a good early education, underpinned by strong Christian values, he embarked on a degree in medicine at the University of Bologna but later switched to law. He received a doctorate in 1563.

Image of St Bernardino Realino

St Bernardino was considered a brilliant academic and in 1554, he was appointed to the post of Auditor and Lieutenant General in Naples.

However, following a vision from the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Bernardino changed his life plans yet again and joined the Society of Jesus, choosing to study for the Priesthood.

In 1567, St Bernardino was ordained a Priest whereupon he eagerly embarked on a life of service to the Church, primarily in Lecce where he was appointed Rector of the Jesuit College, Superior of his community and the place where he spent the last forty-two years of his life.

St Bernardino is credited with having, “won widespread recognition for his ceaseless apostolic labours. He was a model confessor, a powerful preacher, a diligent teacher of the Faith to the young and a dedicated shepherd of souls… His charity to the poor and the sick knew no bounds and his kindness brought about the end of vendettas and public scandals”. (Wikipedia)

It is said that St Bernardino died, “with the names of Jesus and Mary on his lips”.

St Bernardino’s Feast Day is the 2nd of July. He is the Patron Saint of Lecce, Naples.

St Bernardino Realino:

Pray for us that our daily labours in this world will be for the greater glory of God, our Almighty Father.

Glory be to the…