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Saint Benjamin (Died ca 424) was a Deacon in Persia who was martyred for his insistence on preaching the Gospel of Jesus.

Image of St Benjamin

During the reign of King Isdegerd I and, his son, King Varanes V, Christians were relentlessly persecuted. St Benjamin was arrested and imprisoned. His release was negotiated with the help of an ambassador of the Emperor of Constantinople on condition that he would stop preaching Christianity.

St Benjamin, however, didn’t stop. He believed that it was his duty as a Deacon to preach the Word of God to others. So, he was rearrested and mercilessly tortured until he died. It is said that “… reeds [were] run in between the nails and the flesh, both of his hands and feet, and to be thrust into other most tender parts, and drawn out again, and this to be frequently repeated with violence. Lastly, a knotty stake was thrust into his bowels, to rend and tear them, in which torment he expired….”

St Benjamin’s Feast Day is 31st March. He is the Patron Saint of preachers.

St Benjamin:

Pray for me that, through my daily actions and words, I will spread the Gospel of Jesus.

Glory be to the…