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Benedict of Nursia

St Benedict (480 ca – 543) was the son of a Roman noble in Norcia, Italy. His twin sister was Saint Scholastica. Much of what is known about St Benedict comes from the writings of Pope Gregory I whose sources included witnesses to his life and his miracles.

Image of St Benedict of Nursia

In his early 20’s, St Benedict abandoned his studies to live with “a company of other virtuous men”. He then lived a hermit-like life in a cave near Subiaco for 3 years. Within the surrounding community, he became a greatly respected figure and was invited to become the Abbot of a nearby monastery. He accepted but soon returned to his cave at Subiaco, attracting many followers through his sanctity, prayer life and numerous miracles.

St Benedict founded twelve monasteries in his local area as well as the great Benedictine Monastery of Monte Cassino. He predicted the day of his own death; dying of fever not long after his sister; they were buried alongside each other.

St Benedict’s Feast Day is the 11th July. He is the Patron Saint of Europe and Students.

St Benedict of Nursia:

Pray for us that we will find peace in our daily work despite the difficulties that befall us.

Glory be to the…