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Bartholomew of Braganca

Blessed Bartholomew (1200-1271) was born into a noble family at Vicenza, Italy. He studied at Padua, joined the newly established Dominican Order and, in his early twenties, was ordained a Priest.

Image of Bartholomew of Braganca

Blessed Bartholomew quickly acquired leadership positions within the new Order, at home and beyond including, Cyprus, the Holy Land, England and France.

Blessed Bartholomew was presented by the King of France with a relic of the True Cross and a thorn from Jesus’, “Crown of Thorns”. He placed both in the then newly built Church of the Crown, in Vicenza.

Blessed Bartholomew was greatly respected by his community, Order and Monarchies. His legacy includes commentaries on Scripture and numerous sermons. His Feast Day is the 27th October.

Bl. Bartholomew of Braganca:

Pray that we will use our talents unceasingly, to lead others to the Gospel of Jesus. 

Glory be to the…