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St Bartholomew was one of Jesus’ original twelve Apostles. He was born in Cana, Judea and was sometimes referred to as Nathaniel. Jesus appraised Bartholomew as “a man in whom there is no deception”. Following Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, He appeared to Bartholomew at the Sea of Galilee.

Image of St Bartholomew (Sitting)
St John and St Bartholomew (Sitting)

St Bartholomew’s ministry took him to India and, along with Jude the Apostle, he brought Christianity to Armenia. Other traditions suggest that he also travelled to Ethiopia, Mesopotamia, Parthia and Lycaonia.

St Bartholomew converted the King of Armenia to Christianity and, in revenge, the Kings brother ordered him flayed (Tearing of his skin from his body) then crucified upside down.

St Bartholomew’s Feast Day is the 24th August. He is the Patron Saint of Armenia.

St Bartholomew:

Pray for us that we will remain faithful to Jesus’ teachings and share them with others.

Glory be to the…