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Augustine Zhao Rong & 119 Companions

Pope John Paul II canonized a group of 87 Chinese Catholics and 33 western Missionaries to China in 2000 (Died 1648 – 1930). All were martyred for their faith between 1648 and 1930.

Outline map of China

In some instances, the martyrs were given the choice between death or denial of their faith; all who were given the option refused.

St Augustine Zhao Rong’s life and death were not untypical to the other Chinese Catholics and Western Missionaries. He was originally a soldier but on hearing Jesus’ teaching, he converted to Catholicism and was baptised. Drawn to a deeper religious life, he then joined a missionary seminary and was ordained a Priest.

In 1815, he was arrested, tortured and executed for his Christian beliefs in the Risen Jesus’ promises.

Their Feast Day is the 9th July.

St Augustine Zhao Rong & 119 Companions:

Pray for us that we will remain faithful to Gospel values and the promises of the Risen Jesus.

Glory be…