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St Athanasius (Approx. 296/8-373) was born in or near Alexandria, Egypt. His Christian family was probably wealthy since he received a good education and was fluent in Greek. In 319, he was ordained a Deacon and soon after, served as Secretary to Alexander the then Patriarch of Alexandria.

Image of St Athanasius

In 328, following the death of Alexander, he was appointed the 12th Bishop of Alexandria. His episcopate lasted 45yrs; 17yrs spent in five exiles during the reign of different Roman Emperors.

St Athanasius robustly defended Christian teachings against the Arians and Roman Emperors. He was a noted “Pillar of the Church”. He is viewed as one of the four great Eastern Doctors of the Church.

The Feast of St Athanasius is 2nd May.

St Athanasius:

Pray for us that we will live by the teachings of Jesus and uphold the faith through our daily actions

Glory be to the…