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Apollonia of Alexandria

St Apollonia (Died Approx. 249) was one of the many early Christian martyrs who died for the love of our faith; the love of God. She refused to renounce her beliefs despite knowing, that if not, her death would soon follow.

Image of St Apollonia of Alexandria

She was martyred at the time of the Roman Emperor Philip. During her torture, she was beaten and had her teeth shattered or knocked out. Then, in an attempt to force her to commit blasphemy, the Alexandrian mob created a pyre on which to set her alight but St Apollonia chose to accept death and stepped into the fire, her inevitable means of death. It is said that the mob, “Committed bloody outrages on Christians … and authorities made no effort to protect them”.

Her Feast Day is 9th February. She is the Patron Saint of Dentists and toothache sufferers.

St Apollonia:

Pray for us that we will hold fast to our faith during all trials that surround us despite the pain.

Glory be to the…