Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love


St Ambrose (340 Approx. – 397) was born into a prominent Christian family in Trier, Gaul. Legend holds that as an infant, a swarm of bees settled on him and left a drop of honey; this was interpreted as a sign of his future eloquence.

St Ambrose of Milan

Following the early death of his father, St Ambrose studied literature and law and was appointed Governor, with his headquarters in Milan.

By 374, St Ambrose had become a very popular political figure and was duly elected Bishop of Milan. However, with no formal Theology training, he initially refused the position although, eventually and reluctantly he accepted.

As Bishop of Milan, St Ambrose embarked upon a programme of extensive religious studies, gave his wealth to the poor and adopted an ascetic lifestyle. He also became a strong opponent of Arianism, partly because of their disputed teachings on the Holy Trinity.

St Ambrose’s Feast day is the 7th December. He is Patron Saint of Milan and, being one of the most influential ecclesiastical figures of early Christianity, he is also a Doctor of the Church.

St Ambrose:

Pray that through the Holy Spirit, our faith will never die and we will joyously share it with our family, friends and community.

Glory be to the…