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Alexander of Phrygia

St Alexander (Died 178) was a native of Phrygia, now Turkey. He was a physician. His companion was St Epipodius, a native of Lyon, France. They were said to have been close friends from youth.

Image of Amphitheatre of Pompeii

St Alexander and St Epipodius were martyred together during the scourge of Emperor Marcus Aurelius against Christians. Following imprisonment and torture, they were fed to wild animals in a Roman amphitheatre. They died, “neither uttering a groan nor a syllable, but conversing in [their] heart with God” (Wikipedia). Their relics are retained under the altar of Lyon Cathedral alongside those of St Irenaeus.

The Feast Day of St Alexander is 22nd April.

St Alexander:

Pray for us that our faith will never die.

Glory be to the…